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Can you Beat the Hacker?

Immerse yourself in Beat the Hacker, our latest physical cyber escape room.


Your mission is to stop the hacker from stealing your data before it leaks.


Beat the Hacker is an adreneline rush of team playing action against the clock where you'll learn safe cyber hygiene on the way.

Over 90 pieces of content across 40 topics

Our award-winning team create compelling and immersive experiences that truly bring learning to life, so you understand more - and fast. 


Storytelling, enjoyment and fun are the keys to effective learning for you, your colleagues and your business to influence positive behaviour. 


From escape rooms to comics, impactful communications to consultancy, see what we can offer your company and get in touch at

We've been away from the office for a while and as we return, Back to the Office supports you with immersive learning on key threats to your company's cyber security.

Make the right decisions with this quick-fire mini game, filled with timely reminders of what and what not to do.

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Over 30 topics covering HR, Cyber Security, Data Protection and Compliance 

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Escape  Rooms

Treble information retention with our interactive games and experiences

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Our comics, newsletters and videos get the message across fast and with impact

Delivered your way


We  work with you to make sure our training and corporate campaigns fit with your company's culture, tone, branding and ways of working


Either you or we can host your Xcapism Learning training or experiences. 

Upload our SCORM compliant modules to your internal Learning Management System (LMS)

We provide objective tracking and reporting

Our partners

Some of those we've worked with...
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and some of those we've helped. We give a percentage of every sale to charity.
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Xcapism Learning Ltd is a CISSP Certified company 

Company number: 12814018 | VAT number: 358657744

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