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Escape rooms

Gameplay that trebles the amount you learn

Our escape experiences and mini games empower you to learn through discovery and increase information retention by up to 90%

Who hacked Melissa McCarpy?

The race is on to discover who's behind the hacking of Melissa McCarpy.


To do this you’ll need the help of the Cyber Defence League’s number 1 agent - codenamed The Codfather

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  • Physical/table top game

  • Easy shipping: contents in a presentation folder

  • Play individually/in a team

  • Colleague experience feedback


Clear Desk policy  |  Data privacy  |  Password safety  |  Phishing  |  Smishing  |  Social engineering

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Our physical escape experience where you are against the clock to Beat the Hacker. 

You must solve a series of cyber security puzzles to save your stolen project.

Beat the Hacker can be played individually or in teams.

A series of short games designed to be fun, and engaging, while reinforcing positive online behaviour in the areas of phishing, phone scams and other hacking.


The Phantom Hacker, Attack of the Phones and Revenge of the Phish gives your colleagues a quick hit of learning to keep them and your company safe. 

We've been away from the office for a while and as we return, Back to the Office supports you with immersive learning on key threats to your company's cyber security.

Make the right decisions with this quick-fire mini game, filled with timely reminders of what and what not to do.

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